R&D and QA

RenewSys seamlessly delivers benchmark quality products - a feat made possible by expertise gained through years of polymer experience coupled with a comprehensive R&D and QA setup.

Being a firm believer in modern-day technology, the RenewSys R&D and QA labs are equipped to test Solar Photovoltaic Modules, and isolated module components. The RenewSys R&D lab attains innovation on a daily basis!

RenewSys is thus capable of partnering with its customers to develop customized solutions.

Our brief setup includes the following:

1 ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBER / DAMP HEAT TESTER Environmental testing of Solar PV modules as well as Solar PV module components as per IEC 61215 / IEC 61646 / UL 1703
2 ACCELERATED WEATHERING TESTER / (UV EXPOSER, CONDENSATION & WATER SPRAY) UV exposer testing of Solar PV module polymer components like EVA & Backsheet as per IEC 61215
3 HIGHLY ACCELERATED STRESS TEST (HAST) Highly Accelerated test for hydrolysis resistance analysis of Backsheet and EVA
4 LABORATORY EXTRUDER Formulation development for EVA Encapsulant
5 SOLAR LAMINATOR Lamination of Solar PV modules and adhesion strength samples
6 UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE Tensile properties, interlayer adhesion strength and coefficient of friction as per ASTMD-882, ASTMD-638 &  ASTMD-1894
7 BURSTING STRENGTH TESTER Strength & performance of corrugated box
8 KARL FISCHER TITRATOR Moisture content of solvent
9 HOT AIR OVEN Thermal shrinkage of EVA Encapsulant and Backsheet
10 DIFFERENTIAL SCANNING CALORIMETER Melting temperature as well as degree of crosslinking of EVA. Identification testing of polymers.
11 UV – VISIBLE SPECTROPHOTOMETER Optical transmittance, UV cut-off wavelength and yellowness index of EVA. Reflectance of Backsheet as per ASTM E 424.
12 GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY Solvent retention test for Backsheet and laminates
13 SOXHLET EXTRACTION APPARATUS Measurement of degree of cross linking of a cross linked EVA polymer by dissolving in toluene for extended time
14 CORE CRUSHING TESTER Strength & performance of paper core