Azuri Indigo Case Studies

Bernard’s Cassava Experiment

Bernard Bamwenda is a farmer in Myanzi district, Central Uganda, and lives with his wife and young daughter. Bernard is a group leader in the Myanzi Cooperative Alliance, working with local farmers and liaising with government representatives in supporting and enhancing the lives... READ MORE


Emma Semakula’s Independence

Emma Semakula and her husband Mohammed live in the small village of Tonterekera in Myanzi district, Uganda. The family are maize and coffee farmers primarily, but also rear chickens to sell eggs and chicks. They’ve been taking part in a trial of Indigo DUO, and have had their unit for 1 month.
Emma’s husband works in the fields far from their house, whilst she works in the fields which surround the house so she can look after the young children at the same time. Emma’s family used kerosene for light but with 8 children there was always someone in the dark.
“I was always afraid: there are snakes, the babies can trip, the kerosene might run out”.
Emma and Mohammed saved... READ MORE


John’s Chicken Cure

As chairman of his village, John is looked at for answers. Now, he can give them. John lives in Lousewa, a small rural village in Myanzi district, Central Uganda. John has been participating in an Azuri trial in Uganda to investigate the potential impact of... READ MORE


Simon’s Shop: Rwanda

Simon Musabyimana is 44 and lives in a small, rural village on top of a steep mountain in Kamonyi district, Rwanda. He and his wife have 6 children and had their Indigo installed by their local agent 2 months ago. Simon runs a shop from the front of his house and has one Indigo lamp here and the other in his living room – and he wants more.
Simon describes himself as “a solar minded man”, but never had the income or savings to be able to buy a solar system. There is no grid in Simon’s village and since a devastating fire from a dropped candle threatened his home and family’s lives, the only option has been torches. “I had to take the batteries... READ MORE


The Doctor Can See You Now

Alfred Sekaziga is the first aider for Byimana village in Northern Rwanda. When people would come at night needing treatment, Alfred would be in a terrible position:
“I feel useless. I want to help, but I think I’m doing more harm by not being able to see”
Alfred faced the difficult and often dangerous task of diagnosing and trying to help unwell villagers in darkness... READ MORE


The Home Where The Sun Never Sets

Vincent and Margaret Ssenyonjo live in a small, rural village called Luswa in Myanzi District, Central Uganda. They are involved in the Azuri Smartphone Trial to investigate the potential impact of having a smartphone in agriculture and have... READ MORE