Azuri Indigo Solar Kit

The pay-as-you-go solar lighting kit 'Azuri Indigo' -  Energy for all

High initial cost is the main reason why people are not adopting solar energy. To overcome this, Azuri Technologies has created the pay-as-you-go solar lighting kit - 'Azuri Indigo'. Users can now have solar power at low initial cost; and buy power using scratch-cards just like a mobile phone recharge.

All you can use power for a week:

  • 8 hours of fume-free lighting for two rooms each night
  • Mobile phone charging
  • Cut weekly energy spend by 50% or more

How Indigo works

*mobile not included

Indigo in, power out: Just like pay-as-you-go scratch cards for mobile phones, Indigo allows users to buy scratch-cards to pay for their energy. The Indigo scratch-card is validated by SMS. The user will get a single-use passcode to enter into the Indigo box, which will allow its use for a validity period (typically one week).

After a period of time, customers can pay off the cost of their unit and have the unique option to upgrade to a larger system and access more energy through the Indigo Energy Escalator.

Aspirational energy

Azuri has pioneered the Indigo Energy Escalator which encourages users to up-grade to larger systems over time, to access more electricity and ultimately reach full home electrification. Users move over time from a starting point as a disconnected rural farmer to an informed, connected one with the benefits of electricity. Like an escalator, users can get off at any point and so are not committed to a long-term debt. This pay-as- you-grow business model is unique in assisting users to earn their way out of poverty without hand-outs or charity.

The Azuri Indigo impact

The impact of Indigo is felt by the whole family, but in particular by women who traditionally carry the responsibility of both household tasks and childcare. Key benefits include:

  • Extend the working day by typically three hours
  • Get more time to learn, earn and engage in family activities
  • Eliminate harmful emissions caused by burning kerosene and problems associated with smoke inhalation
  • No longer limited by availability of kerosene – access to the “permanent light”
  • Save time on trips to the market for mobile phone charging
  • Children extend their study day – often by 2 hours or more per night