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Breakthrough in PV Module Technology

RenewSys is the first integrated manufacturer of

Solar PV Modules (750 MW) and its key components - Encapsulants (1.4 GW), Backsheets (3 GW) 

and Solar PV Cells (130 MW)

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Innovating For Tomorrow 

From delivering high-quality products consistently, to innovations that meet the requirements of the dynamic solar industry,

RenewSys is committed to maintaining  & developing our R&D facilities and team.

Lighting Up Lives!

Lighting up lives, in more ways, means brighter futures and happier days.

With partner organisations that work with under-served communities, RenewSys is contributing to brightening up lives across India.

World Class Products - Made In India

Our caliber is consistently highlighted through excellent products that we make available worldwide.

RenewSys is contributing to the dynamic global Solar PV industry,  & envisions a bright future, powered by the Sun!

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plants

RenewSys, is ISO 9001:2015 certified & is part of the Enpee Group, a diversified conglomerate; with over 55 years of business excellence.

The Group has manufacturing units in India & Nigeria, and sales offices worldwide.