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Champion Product

RenewSys launches DESERV GALACTIC ULTRA 505+ Wp - a revolution in solar module engineering. The module range consists of two key variants - DESERV Ultra HI (High Power) and DESERV Galactic Ultra HV (High Voltage).
Galactic Ultra Series are the first mono-facial modules to cross 500 Wp using G1 (158.75 mm) Solar PV Cells.

DESERV Galactic Ultra HI series has been designed and engineered to provide high output, at a lower voltage that ensures longer string length. The total power per string can be increased by up to 20%. This in turn assures savings not just on the amount of land required to set up a plant, but on the entire gamut of material needed to set up the plant, commonly referred to as BOS, making this the ideal choice for rooftop and utility scale solar power plants.

Prod launch.png

DESERV Galactic Ultra HV series has been designed especially for pumping applications with a voltage of 60.94 V. This results in a 60% reduction in the number of solar modules required to set up a pump with a voltage that is 10% higher than modules otherwise used in solar pumps.

Customers First!

RenewSys hosted a series of 3 Webinars and participated in 3 Virtual Exhibitions in the duration October 2020
to December 2020. Both the webinar sessions and the virtual exhibitions were well attended and we received
lots of encouragement. We hope to conduct more of these in the months to come as well.


Webinar on Full Cell v/s Half Cut Cell Module Technology and Module Reliability, addressing the questions and queries about Full Cell v/s Half Cell PV Modules and PV Module Reliability

Webinar on Solar Panel Handling, Installation and Cleaning - Good Practices with Mr. Segun Adaju, President REAN, Chief Energizing Officer, Consistent Energy, as Keynote Speaker

Webinar on Understanding PV Cells. The webinar was attended by people from countries across the globe like USA, Mexico, France, India, etc.

Virtual Exhibitions

Solar Show Africa 2020.png

Solar Show Africa 2020

Solar Power Africa 2020.png

Solar Power Africa 2020

Solar Show MENA 2020.png

Solar Show MENA 2020


Nothing can make our day like a great review from our customers...
RenewSys panels were spectacularly able to withstand harsh weather conditions as per our customer Mr. Eric Stratford in South Africa. With RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd. solar panels our customers are guaranteed peace of mind..!

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