PV Module Reliability Lab

India's only Intertek Certified 

Satellite Laboratory

A large number of field failures of solar power plants is caused due to substandard or compromised module polymer components i.e. EVA & Backsheet.

Quality checks are hence imperative. However, it is impossible to ascertain module quality by simply conducting a visual check. Thus periodic testing of components used in modules becomes a significant indicator of PV module quality.

Hence RenewSys has established India's 1st NABL accredited laboratory with a testing facility specifically for  PV Module Encapsulants, Backsheets, and their raw materials. 

An independently run facility, the lab is the only one of its kind that supports the access to quality assurance on demand for system integrators, solar plant developers, module manufacturers, and solar module polymer component manufacturers alike.

Run by a team of experts from the solar industry, it tests Encapsulants, Backsheets and their components.     

Who should avail of this facility:

- PV Module Manufacturers - to ensure the reliability of their module's performance, they test the quality of the components that they are purchasing.

- Solar Project Developers, EPC Companies, and System Integrators  - to affirm the reliability and quality of the module components.

- Encapsulant & Backsheet Manufacturers - Test raw materials to ascertain quality, and use certificates to supplement datasheets and product descriptions​.

The lab tests the following critical parameters for Encapsulant and Backsheet performance: 

  • Gel content/Crosslinking rate

  • Adhesion Strength

  • Tensile & Elongation

  • Transparency

  • UV cut off wavelength

  • Yellowness Index

  • Opacity

  • Volume resistivity

  • Thickness

  • Density

  • Melt Flow Rate

  • Thermal Shrinkage

  • Wetting tension of the sheet

  • Residual solvent content in Backsheet