RenewSys DCR Modules

Solar PV Modules made with 100% indigenous RenewSys solar PV cells - Made in India, Made for India 

These modules are the best choice for projects under tenders that require solar PV modules also known as solar panels made with indigenous (Indian) solar PV cells like - PGVCL, RRECL, UPNEDA, TS-REDCO, JREDA, etc. 

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RenewSys DCR

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What are DCR Solar Panels in India?

Solar Panels are also known as Solar PV Modules.

When solar modules/ panels are required to comply with DCR (Domestic Content Requirement) - it means that the solar panel and the components used in the manufacture of the panel should necessarily be made in India. 

A key component specified in most cases is the solar PV cell used in the panel, i.e. it should be a solar cell manufactured in India. These cells are also referred to as DCR solar cells.

Along with these, sometimes DCR modules require that other components used like the Encapsulant, Backsheet, Glass, etc. should also have been manufactured in India.  

RenewSys is uniquely poised to address the requirement for DCR Solar Panels or Solar PV Modules made in India because we are the 1st integrated manufacturer of - Solar Panels and its key components namely - PV Cells, Encapsulants and Backsheets.


Thus, three of the critical components that assure a module's performance output and life, are being manufactured by RenewSys in house, guaranteeing that only the highest quality material is used in our modules.   

BIS certified solar panels manufactured using RenewSys PV Cells manufactured from un-diffused silicon wafer (Black Wafer), as per MNRE's requirements.

8 - 10 MW of PV Modules can be made available monthly.

IEC Certifications:

61215, 61730, TS 62804, 61853

IEC 61701 (Salt mist corrosion resistant - Severity 6)

IEC 62716 (Ammonia corrosion resistant)

IEC 60068-2-68 (Sand Abrasion)

UL Certified 1703

Listed in DEWA

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Key Features

  • Made in India

  • 100% RenewSys Cells

  • Positive power tolerance

  • PID resistant

Made in India solar panels,

Made in India Cells

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East, South: Anil Sreenivas: +91 95026 14763, +91 95151 05353