CONSERV A 360.2 - 14 FC

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

'CONSERV A 360.2 - 14 FC' is a fast curing, UV and weather stable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate PV Encapsulant that can be used for all Crystalline and many Thin Film PV Modules.


UL Certified. Refer file No. E353124

Storage Condition and Shelf Life: Store in undamaged original packaging, temperature between 0 Degree C and 30 Degree C and humidity below 60% RH. Recommended to use within 9 months from the date of manufacture.

PACKING: Unless specified, below is the standard packing of ‘CONSERV’
# Length/Roll: 125 or 150 metres | # No. of Rolls/Pallet: 16 or 12 |# Total Linear Metres/Pallet: 2000 or 1800 |# Each roll is sealed in a protective bag in a corrugated box |
# Boxes are strapped on suitable pallets

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