RenewSys Newsletter



JULY  2021

A Great Vision, Needs Good People

This past year has been a challenging one for individuals and organizations alike. The pandemic and its second wave have forced teams to work virtually. It has created distances and barriers to communication, but new opportunities to connect and collaborate have opened up as well.

An organization’s resilience is dependent on its employees and providing them with a healthy, fulfilling environment. A positive workplace requires team members who will lead by example, leverage each one’s strengths for success and find ways to bridge the distances that this challenging situation has created.

RenewSys also moved to virtual work with minimal attendance in offices and our factories. Teams across departments like Quality, Human Resources, Sales and R&D worked together to put together best practices that continue to make a physical return to work safely possible.


Leading by example has been the motto of the Senior Team members, that accelerated the pace of adaptation to working virtually as well as returning to offices for staggered workdays.

This newsletter is dedicated to the each one of these team members, who make RenewSys tick…
We are extremely grateful and thank them for their valuable contribution in the success and growth of our company.

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The team that fuels RenewSys' growth