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Meet Some RenewSys Hyderabad Team Members

Mr. Anil Rai – Finance and Accounts

“Success is not a destination but it’s a journey and Failure is not opposite of success but it is a part of success”

Anil Rai enjoys the organizational work culture, appreciates the timelines, with which he works as they have helped him discipline himself. His core strength is being a good team player and maintaining meaningful relationships with his team and his seniors. This he says helps him get the work done smoothly. He also gives credit to his practice of yoga for the same.

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RenewSys Hyderabad Facility

Mr. Shivkumar Jadhav – Stores

A resident of Hyderabad for over 20 years now, he says he has learnt a lot, working with RenewSys. Earlier he used to work on Tally and now with the introduction of SAP, he has undergone training and adopted it successfully. He also likes to keep himself updated with current affairs.

Mr. Satish Krishnamurthy – Maintenance

“Daily we need to learn a lot, develop my skills as best as possible”
Satish's primary job is to ensure that he keeps the machines running at all times and that there are less number of breakdowns so that the production at RenewSys Hyderabad is not affected. He is very happy with the team and the work culture of the organization.

Mr. Ashok Tripathi – HR & Admin

“Making one-third of the life of the person comfortable without affecting lines of Management”
Ashok's key responsibility is to make the Human Resources team a key ally in the growth story of each employee. He believes that building strong relationships with the team will, in turn, strengthen the organisation. His key strength lies in making the 8 to 9 hours that people spend in the company comfortable. He would like to go to the root cause of the problem and try and solve it in the best possible way, such that it suits the person as well as the organization.

Ms. Sailakshmi Soppa – Line 1 Production

Sailakshmi credits her time with RenewSys in improving her communication skills and is especially inspired by the women she works with along with the rest of the team.


RenewSys Patalganga


Bhoomi Poojan at RenewSys Patalganga Facility, May 2021

Mr. Prasanna Sawkar – Operations

“Every beginning will have an end. Every end will be the starting point of a new beginning.”


Prasanna belongs to Karnataka and is an Electrical Engineer by profession. He started his career with BILT as a Trainee Engineer and then joined Wartsila India Ltd. and Continuum Wind Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd. after that. Working with RenewSys makes him feel that the company always ensures to achieve the best in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction. His strength lies in his calmness and always inclined to have systems and processes in place in every part of the operations. His greatest achievement is that he was able to give education to two girl children who were financially weak.

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