July 2021, Volume XIII, Page 3

RenewSys Newsletter


Meet Our RenewSys Bengaluru Team Members

Mr. Kiran Kumar – Backsheet Production


“Through learning one can improve oneself. Keep growing”
Kiran feels that working with RenewSys has brought good opportunities and there is always lots of learning involved. His strength lies in Hard work, communication skills with which he can coordinate well with the departments leading to the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction.

Mr. Chiranthan G. R. – Quality Check for EVA & Backsheets

“I want to prove myself and give my best to the company”

Chiranthan says he is proud to be a part of the organization. Excellent support staff with special thanks to Dr. Shashikiran who has been a guiding force. His strength lies in his hard work and believing in himself.

Mr. Vikram Kalwad – Sales Coordination

“I want to work hard to get a good position in the company and RenewSys as a company should be the preferred choice not only to it’s customers in India but also abroad. He would like RenewSys to grow few years down the line and should one day feature in the Fortune 100 list of best companies”

Vikram feels RenewSys is a great place to work. It is a brand that the customers can easily connect with, has robust quality control and on-time delivery with excellent after-sales service. His major strength lies in having good communication skills and adapting to the challenges and developing good rapport not only with his colleagues but also with the customers.


RenewSys Bengaluru Facility

Dr. Shashi Kiran – Technical Service & Quality Management System

“I want to improve and am quite satisfied working with RenewSys and this industry”

Shashi feels that the organization has a lot of diversity in its business. It is very customer-focused. The company is considerate about the views of its team, and is willing to adapt if it will help customers. The Management and local Leadership team has taken good care of it’s employees during the pandemic. His key strengths are that he can adapt to any situation or any changes that occur. He believes in sharing his knowledge with the teams he works with and also works closely with the senior management.

Mr. Sanju – Backsheet Production


“Keep Growing”
Sanju feels it’s a good company to work with. The Management Team is very supportive and cooperative. His biggest strength is hard work.


RenewSys Learns

Fire safety mock drill training at RenewSys Bengaluru Facility on National Fire Safety Day, April 14, 2021, to create the awareness and preparedness among the team. Which, in turn, adds value to the overall health of the organisation.


Fire safety mock drill training at RenewSys Bengaluru Facility

Fire Extinguisher Training on National Fire Safety Day


Sapling plantation at RenewSys Patalganga Facility

World Environment Day was commemorated at our RenewSys Hyderabad, Bengaluru & Patalganga divisions on June 5, 2021. The theme of the event was "Ecosystem Restoration". The team celebrated the day with commitment and passion towards protecting the environment for future needs.

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