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RenewSys Newsletter


This journey of a thousand miles…

RenewSys India completed a decade of service recently. A journey spent promoting the adoption of solar power, and making high-quality, reliable PV material available to all.

Fired by a passion to innovate, a leadership dedicated to serve, and a team eager to learn, we embraced the solar polymer industry first, followed by PV Modules and PV Cells.

From setting up our first factory in Bengaluru (2011) to the factory in Hyderabad (2015) and now

Patalganga (2021), our team has been growing steadily; as have our research and development initiatives.

Nearly 1000 customers, across 40+ countries, have enabled RenewSys to touch thousands of lives globally, making them partners in this odyssey, as we continue to champion a switch to solar power.

As our footprint grows, we pledge to continue to give our best as India’s leading integrated manufacturer of Solar Modules, Encapsulants (EVA & POE), Backsheets, and PV Cells.



Special Issue

March 2022

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