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RenewSys Newsletter

Newsletter Vol. XIV

March 2022

The journey till now

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Entering the established world of solar polymers was a challenge when the RenewSys Bengaluru factory first opened up. Armed with a keen focus and expertise in packaging polymer tech, the team set out to carve a space for itself in this innovation-driven industry. Today we have a production capacity of 3 GW of Encapsulants and 4 GW of Backsheets, with over 200+ Customers, and having shipped over 15 GW of material worldwide, we have also received recognition in competitive, mature markets like Europe for the quality of our material and formulations.

Our Bengaluru facility also has to its credit several of India’s first including - UL Certified POE, Transparent Backsheet, only Backsheet patent, NABL Lab for testing PV Encapsulants, PV Backsheets and their materials, etc.


When RenewSys first entered PV module manufacturing, the Indian industry was in a state of constant flux. The prohibitive investment cost, team training needs and the overall complexity of the industry dynamics, like raw material procurement, setting up R&D facilities, made entering the industry and sustaining growth a challenge. We became the first integrated Indian manufacturer of Solar PV Modules. RenewSys Hyderabad has come a long way despite the challenges and flourished!

Known globally for its commitment to R&D, extended reliability testing, and manufacturing top-quality PV modules it has become an industry leader raising the bar for PV module performance. It has to its credit India’s first 500 Wp module, first Glass – Backsheet, Bi-Facial module, largest in-house reliability testing centre, a dedicated team and space for new product development, etc. Home to a PV Cell facility, RenewSys was the first Indian manufacturer to launch 5BB and 6 BB PV cells. With several white papers and research documents being


continually submitted furthering research in polysilicon cell manufacturing.

RenewSys Hyderabad continues to raise the bar for PV module manufacturing and performance and works closely with our team of PV polymer specialists to further enhance module performance.

Highest MW dispatches in a day!
RenewSys achieved this on Aug. 18, 2021 with 54 trucks & team effort.



2021 saw RenewSys set up another state-of-the-art PV module manufacturing line. This 1 GW facility has been envisioned keeping in mind the rapid growth and adoption of solar power in western India with impetus from the local and central governments.
Located close to Mumbai, and just 2 hours from the JNPT
port, this facility will manufacture high output, multi–bus bar modules, while strengthening our customer service capabilities.

CONSERV U+ EVA Encapsulant

RenewSys has launched CONSERV - U+, a Thermo-Proficient Encapsulant with a curing time that is 2-3 minutes less per module manufacturing cycle. This is faster than the fastest encapsulants available in the market. This breakthrough formulation is backed by the CONSERV range's legacy, quality, and durability. Unlike other encapsulants with similar features, it has a wide processing window eliminating all past process-related issues Due to this U+ delivers incremental productivity by 10-20% within the existing capacity set up. This product has been rigorously tested for 3X IEC DHT studies and is designed to suit all laminating machines, module sizes, and configurations.

High-efficiency Solar PV Modules 540+ Wp

RenewSys launched the DESERV SGALACTIC Series and EXTREME Series of high-efficiency Solar PV Modules with
outputs of 540+ Wp. The range consists of three variants – 156, 144, and 120 Cells. Processed on state-of-the-art
technology production lines, these modules are made using the highest quality raw material coupled with rigorous in-house testing, which makes them highly reliable. They are designed and engineered to provide high output, at a lower voltage that ensures increased power per string by up to 20%! This assures savings on the BOS, making it the ideal choice for rooftop and utility-scale solar power plants.

Snippets from RenewSys


Team RenewSys, at
our Bengaluru and
Hyderabad facilities
celebrated National
Chemical Disaster
Prevention Day
on December 4,

RB at RenP.jpeg

By Rekha Bagry-Nair,

RenewSys, at

RenewSys Patalganga

Renewsys India Pvt. Ltd. - winner of the
Leading Mid-Corporates of India 2021 in Renewable Energy category at the
Business Enterprises of Tomorrow 2021 Awards by Dun & Bradstreet.

RenewSys wins - NRP.png
RenewSys wins - NRP.png

Mr. Nandkumar Pai,
CEO-PV Cells &
Modules, RenewSys,
recognised as one
of the 100 Most
Powerful & Influential
Business Leaders of

RenewSys wins the D&B Award.png

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