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September 2020, Volume X, Page 1


Guided by an ethos of putting safety first, RenewSys swiftly halted production and encouraged employees to follow the quarantine when COVID-19 first struck India in late March 2020.


When we reopened our factories in July 2020, we did so with caution, after extensive training of all our team members. We have since completely adapted to a new normal in traveling, interaction, and working together.

During the early lock-down period, we launched one of the first webinar series in India. These free events helped us contribute to building sector expertise. An added bonus was that we were able to stay connected with each other and our customers though we were miles apart.

Amidst this crisis, Nandkumar Pai took over as CEO - PV Cells & Modules on April 1st and jumped right into the thick of things!

Our team took to internal web-based meetings to keep up the pace in product development, process improvements, training, and customer outreach.

The Senior Management Team U.K. Jayaram, Nandkumar Pai, Chandrakant Modak, Srinath Naidu and Rajesh Singh, were instrumental in keeping the teams motivated, and shouldered the additional responsibilities. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them.

We thank our customers for encouraging us throughout this period. We continue to maintain the strictest norms of disinfection and safety to ensure that every shipment
that leaves our plant is safe.

Lastly and most importantly, I would like to share a heartfelt appreciation for our promoters. In an unprecedented crisis, they have led by example.

All of us including the temporary workers at our factories received our salaries in time throughout the lock-down and continue to so do.

A new era has begun for us, one in
which we will try to make up for lost time while adjusting and adapting to the changes around us. Let’s keep the JOSH high!!!

Maintaining distance at daily office

Maintaining social distance between work stations

Avinash Hiranandani,
Global CEO & Managing Director

Disinfection of incoming vehicles

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