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RenewSys’ REI Expo 2023 Highlights!

RenewSys recently wrapped up a remarkable three-day journey at the REI Expo in Greater Noida, India, from October 4–6.

Here are some highlights of the expo:

N-type TOPCon PV Module Inauguration

The event commenced with the grand inauguration of our high-performance, high-efficiency N-type Glass-Glass TOPCon module.

With the launch of our N-type TOPCon solar panel series, RenewSys has once again emerged as a leader in the adoption of new technology and as the frontrunner in the Indian module manufacturing landscape.

State-of-the-Art PV Products on Display

On display were our state-of-the-art PV modules, including the latest N-type Bifacial Glass-Glass TOPCon module, N-type Bifacial Glass-Backsheet TOPCon module, and Monofacial MonoPERC module.

In addition, we showcased our extensive collection of award-winning PV components, such as Transparent Backsheet, White Backsheet, Copper Backsheet, Black Backsheet, EVA Encapsulants, POE Encapsulant, and EPE Encapsulant.

Management Team in Discussion

RenewSys' key management team members actively engaged in meaningful discussions throughout the event. Mr Avinash Hiranandani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director; Mr Nandkumar Pai, Executive Director; and Mr Rakesh Singh, CEO – Encapsulants and Backsheets, interacted with customers, partners, media, and visitors, sharing insights and vision.

Team RenewSys with Customers, Partners, & Visitors

We had the pleasure of meeting with a diverse spectrum of customers and visitors who sought solutions from RenewSys' extensive PV product range, encompassing a variety of solar panels, encapsulants, and backsheets.

REI Raffle Contest

RenewSys held the REI Raffle contest, offering attendees the chance to win exciting gifts each day of the event.

Here are snapshots of Team RenewSys presenting gifts to some of the contest winners:

Buzzing RenewSys Booth

RenewSys’ booth had an incredible footfall throughout all three days of the expo, from morning to evening.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet so many of you! We thank everyone who visited our booth!

As we continue to push the boundaries of solar technology, we eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to meet, greet, and work with you in the pursuit of a brighter, sustainable future.

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