Key Features

  • First Indian company to launch 6 BB & 5 BB cells

  • 100% on the fly EL Transparent / PID testing at cell level

  • High ARC colour uniformity

  • Inline colour segregation



RenewSys produces the RESERV® range of photovoltaic (PV) Solar Cells, which exhibit high conversion efficiencies with high durability.

The RESERV® range is manufactured using equipment that is the best in the industry, in a world class clean room facility. The entire process, right from the incoming silicon wafer inspection and classification, to the final solar cell sorting is automated.


All raw materials including high purity solar grade silicon wafers and contact pastes with high metal content, are sourced from renowned manufacturers for cell fabrication. Significant properties of raw materials are monitored and have statistical process control during production.



Solar PV Cells 'RESERV'

RenewSys Solar Cells 'RESERV':

  • Multi-Crystalline Solar Cells

  • Front:
     - Blue Antireflective Coating (Silicon Nitride)
     - Negative Pole (-)

  • Back:
     - Full-surface Aluminium BSF
     - Positive Pole (+)

  • Dimensions: 156.75 x 156.75 +/-0.5 mm

  • Thickness: 200 +/- 20 microns

  • Bus-Bars (BB) : 4BB & 5BB

  • Cell classification by Auto Cell Sorter (basis efficiency and colour)

*3BB PV Solar Cells made available on request