RenewSys Webinar

UV Transparency and PID Resistance -

Key Features of a High-Performance Encapsulant

Based on a continual study being carried out by the polymer specialty division of RenewSys at Bengaluru, India, this webinar will use field data to demonstrate why UV Transparency and PID Resistance are two key features of a high-performance Encapsulant.


The actual data on the power generation collected from our demo solar plan at Bengaluru factory for last three years reveals that there is over 3% more energy generation in modules that were manufactured using UV transparent (UVT) Encapsulant, and over 6% more using UV transparent and PID resistant Encapsulant than the modules made using standard EVA Encapsulant.


The study also shows that there is a varying degree of seasonality in the generation with respect to the different encapsulants used in the study. The Modules with ‘Standard Encapsulant’ show the highest variation in energy generation through the seasons, from summer to winter.


On the other hand, the modules made UV transplant Encapsulant have a longer generation period during the day and because of their PID resistance, they show a higher generation of electricity during the monsoons particularly.


The study proves beyond doubt the hypothesis that inspired the innovations of these encapsulants.


Join us for a rewarding discussion and experience sharing as we detail our findings on this study.

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