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Sanjay Kirpalani

Chairman & Promoter

Mr. Sanjay Kirpalani represents the next generation of the ENPEE Group and is the Chairman of the ENPEE Group including RenewSys India Pvt. Ltd.


Based in Singapore where he has oversight of the Group’s investment office, he supports the strategic planning and growth initiatives for the Group. 


Inducted in the Group business since 1990, he has successfully led major expansion initiatives in existing businesses and established greenfield projects for the Group in Nigeria.


Arun Lakhani

Director & Promoter

Mr. Arun Lakhani is the Group’s new generation Finance and Economic professional. 


A Chartered Accountant from England & Wales with a degree in Economics from the London School of Economics, he joined the Group’s metal packaging business in Nigeria in 2005. 


Since 2007, he has been involved in establishing the Group’s businesses in Dubai and Mauritius.

Avinash Hiranandani-GCEO and MD.png

Avinash Hiranandani
Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Avinash Hiranandani leads the team at RenewSys as its Vice Chairman & Managing Director.


Avinash is an Engineer, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in the same and completed marketing studies thereafter.


He has nearly 30 years of diverse industry experience including over

20 years with the ENPEE Group across India and Africa in the energy, engineering and packaging sectors.


Rekha Bagry Nair
Non-Executive Independent Director

Mrs. Rekha Bagry Nair, is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience in consulting. She specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions with a focus on tax and regulatory aspects.
She brings with her a rich and varied experience in advising large Indian corporates and Multinational clients on Corporate restructuring, Transactions, Tax due diligence, and Tax planning. She was previously associated with RSM & Co and PwC and has also been a practicing consultant.


Anagha Anasingaraju
Non-Executive Independent Director

Mrs. Anagha Anasingaraju is a Company Secretary with over 22 years of professional experience. She specializes in corporate and restructuring laws with specific focus on handling shareholder disputes. She is a partner at KANJ & Co LLP, Company Secretaries. She is also an Insolvency Professional and practices in the field of insolvency law and forensic audit.

She advises Indian and multinational corporates on legal compliance matters, agreements, corporate restructuring, dispute resolution and recovery of debts.

Pai sir new photo.png

Nandkumar Pai
Executive Director

Mr. Nandkumar Pai is a prolific leader, who works closely with the sales, marketing, production, and technical teams at RenewSys.

He is instrumental in facilitating a swift response to continuously evolving customer needs; while addressing the challenges that crop up in an ever-expanding solar industry. He has over 30 years of extensive experience spanning across Oil and Gas, Engineering, and Manufacturing Sectors.


Chandrakant Modak
Executive Director

Mr. Chandrakant Modak believes that the focal point of his role is to work on future growth in addition to communicating historical and current positions and that the finance function is positively shifting towards real-time business management.


With 30 years of extensive finance experience, he believes – An idea is the soul of a business while finance is its life and blood. An idea can grow into a business only when fuelled by finance, else it remains a wishful thought or a mere statement in black and white. 

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