IEC Certifications:

PRESERV A-N : UL Short Property Evaluations - (UL 746A) RoHS


PRESERV 1-D UL Short Property Evaluations - (UL 746A) RoHS


PRESERV 1-V UL Short Property Evaluations - (UL 746A)

PRESERV AL-N UL Short Property Evaluations - (UL 746A)

Key features

  • High moisture barrier

  • High mechanical properties and Peel Bond retention post-DHT & HAST exposure

  • High partial discharge

  • Superior bonding to EVA 

  • In-line quality control tests and inspection systems

A critical component of Solar PV Modules, the Backsheet of a solar module ensures that the cells are protected from external elements like dust and dirt, moisture, etc.

It is most often a combination of polymers, that are laminated and have high dielectric properties. As the last or outermost layer of the panel, the Backsheet is tasked with protecting the solar module or solar panel from the elements and is responsible for maintaining its integrity.


In many cases, the Backsheet also allows any acid that may form inside that module to leave the module thus preventing damage to the solar cells. 

Backsheets 'PRESERV'

The Backsheet range PRESERV® from RenewSys offers a wide choice depending on application and budget. PRESERV® Backsheets exhibit high moisture barrier and high resistance to electrical properties - partial discharge. The values of partial discharge are ranging upto 1500 VDC even in lower thicknesses - thanks to right material selection.


PRESERV® Backsheets have superior bonding with Encapsulant on account of a proprietary recipe of priming layer. This leads to longer durability of modules and longer cell efficiency.

The laboratory results have shown the performance of PRESERV® range of Backsheets up to 2000 Hrs. of Damp Heat Test with narrow Delta Y. HAST (Highly Accelerated Stress Test) exposure done on PRESERV® has shown extremely high Peel Bond Strength and retention of mechanical properties.


This makes PRESERV® Backsheets the ideal choice for quality-conscious Solar PV Module makers.

The PRESERV Range of solar PV Backsheets are available in White, Black, Transparent and a host of metallic based options.  

Why Backsheet PRESERV?