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India's Leading Transparent PV Backsheet

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

RenewSys is a global leader and India's largest PV Encapsulant and Backsheet Manufacturer with over 20 GW shipped worldwide. It has further strengthened its position globally with the supply of a Transparent Backsheet.

Leveraging decades of expertise in PV manufacturing RenewSys has formulated and designed this PV Backsheet innovation to withstand extreme climatic conditions successfully.

RenewSys’ Transparent Backsheet is ideal for bi-facial PV modules (commonly known as solar panels).

The Transparent Backsheet is a highly specialized solar polymer with a formulation that maximizes the passing through of reflected sunlight to the solar cells while protecting the Encapsulant and cells from dust, dirt, and other contaminants that can compromise the performance of the panel.

The Transparent Backsheet based on the Cell-side lamination layer is unique and has no known product so far across the globe in qualifying, for the Super UV test. This test is indicative of the long-term yellowing resistance of the Backsheet in the presence of PVF on the Air-Side while the Cell Side is a non-PVF laminate.

This is a unique combination of a multi-layer product that is withstanding the harsh test of Super UV to qualify for the projected 25-year lifetime of a solar panel with relatively lowered power loss as compared to other contemporary solutions.

It is also an ideal alternative to Glass-Glass (G-G) Bi-facial panels. The key features of the Glass to Transparent Backsheet (G-T BS) modules v/s Glass to Glass modules are:

  • Glass-Transparent BS is 17% lighter than double-glass modules

  • The transmittance of the Backsheet is > 93% as compared to >92% of glass

  • T BS - is Hydrophobic and facilitates self-cleaning

  • Transparent Backsheet is more durable as a back cover than the back glass in Glass - Glass modules. (This is because the back glass is heat-treated, and not tempered glass. this makes it more susceptible to damage in routine scenarios e.g. - e.g. small pebbles hitting the back glass during grass-cutting​ can cause the back glass to crack.)

With its high transparency, UV, and weather resistance properties, the RenewSys’ Transparent Backsheet is ideal for all module configurations including M10 and higher cell sizes.

Transparent Backsheet Solar Panel

Backsheet Roll

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