Key Features

  • Superior bonding to Backsheet and Glass

  • PID Resistant

  • High Luminous Transmittance

  • Specially Embossed Surface

IEC Certifications:
CONSERV A 360-14 FC: 
UL (UL 94, UL 746A & UL746B), IEC 61215,

RoHS, 2250 Hrs. DHT TUV Declaration

POE - CONSERV E 360: UL (UL 94, UL 746A &UL746B)


Encapsulants like EVA & POE are polymer based components used in the manufacture of Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) modules. The EVA/ POE sheet is used for encapsulation of the solar PV cells, It performs adhesion and cushioning functions; and is one of the most essential components that keeps the glass, PV cells and the backsheet integrated. Thus, it supports the module mechanically during its life-time.


RenewSys manufactures the CONSERV® range of Encapsulants that encompass a wide range of products including PID Resistant and UV Transparent (UVT) encapsulants in ‘Fast Cure’ & ‘Ultra-fast Cure’ versions.


Potential Induced Degradation (PID) refers to the loss of power in a module when it is subjected to hot & humid conditions or rampant climatic change. Our PID resistant EVA Encapsulants help reduce this loss and are rated as one of world’s best performing PV encapsulant for Solar PV Modules.

Our Ultra Violet Transparent (UVT) Encapsulant permits almost the entire UV range of light to reach to cells. This feature of the encapsulant also ensures early ‘wake-up’ and late ‘sleeping’ time of the solar cells, allowing them to generate power for a longer duration of the day in comparison to standard encapsulants.


The POE (PolyOlefin Elastomer) Encapsulant - CONSERV E 360 - developed by RenewSys is uniquely formulated to suit Glass-to-Glass and Glass-to-Backsheet modules. It exhibits ZERO creeping, high transparency, excellent PID, moisture resistance, extended UV and weathering properties. 

Icon of the InterSolar Awards for excellence in photovoltaic manufacturing, awarded to CONSERV E 360 POE, manufacturer by Renewsys India

EVA Encapsulants CONSERV

Distinct Advantages:


  • Special ‘OS’ technology - 'OS' Manufacturing Technology enables CONSERV to be produced without induced stresses allowing it to exhibit Ultra-low thermal shrinkage in the sheet. CONSERV, with nearly ZERO shrinkage, results in advantages including net material saving (the EVA sheet can be cut to the size nearly equal of the glass), no cell mis-alignment/ better aesthetics and shorter cycle time at lamination stage, compared to most market encapsulants.

  • CONSERV has superior bonding to Backsheet & Glass due to its unique formulation, leading to longer module durability

  • CONSERV offers an excellent Potential Induced Degradation (PID) resistant Encapsulant that results in very low power losses in comparison to most other PID resistant encapsulants.

  • CONSERV has a matt finish surface on the inside and a specially embossed surface on the outside of the roll. This prevents inter-locking of the layers during its transportation and storage, without an additional masking film. This facilitates ease of sheet handling at the stage of sandwich making, and air evacuation at the curing stage of the lamination process.

  • Uniquely formulated CONSERV offers a wide operational window for module makers - from low to medium temperature melting.

  • Subject to the optical transmittance value of the glass used in the module, CONSERV’s exceptionally high ‘Luminous Transmittance’ results in a higher energy output.

  • CONSERV POE Encapsulant is uniquely designed to meet requirement of Glass to Glass & Glass to Backsheet modules without loss in transmittance.