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Mr. N. P. Kirpalani

October 26, 1935 - October 9, 2022

Founder & Chairman Emeritus

Mr. N.P. Kirpalani – fondly referred to as NPK Sir- was the founder of the ENPEE Group.

A first generation entrepreneur, he began his journey in Nigeria in 1961 with a small trading business. 

He powered through, facing challenges head-on, to build a legacy on the tenets of commitment and integrity.


An inspirational powerhouse, he successfully managed teams for over 50 years, fostering a value – led culture, while building a flourishing conglomerate that includes manufacturing operations across Africa, the Middle East, and India, with sales offices in various countries. 


His contribution to society has been that of a catalyst, driving prodigious growth, through business practices and philanthropic undertakings with an ethical, humanistic ethos.

Today, the ENPEE Group, directly employs more than 4,000 people and provides a source of indirect employment and livelihood to several thousand more.

We are determined to continue to grow and build lasting partnerships, guided by NPK Sir’s values, which will forever remain his enduring legacy.