Key Features

  • Superior Bonding

  • PID Resistant

  • High Luminous Transmittance

  • Specially Embossed Surface

POE Encapsulants - 'CONSERV E 360'



We are happy to share that CONSERV E 360 - POE Encapsulant was recognised as a Finalist at Inter Solar Award 2018.


RenewSys has become the first Indian company to receive UL approval and commercialize its Polyolefin Elastomeric (POE) Encapsulant. This product, available under the brand name ‘CONSERV E 360 (POE)’, has been specially developed to combine the advantages of TPO as well.


Ideal for use in Glass-to-Glass PV modules, it is well suited to protect Glass-to-Backsheet PV modules also.

IEC Certifications:

CONSERV E 360: UL (UL 746A & UL 746B)

On the contrary, POE-based encapsulants exhibit virtually zero Potential Induced Degradation (PID). The encapsulant material resistant to PID helps in reducing power loses on the solar power plants when PV panels with high voltage stress face hot and humid climatic conditions. The above properties of POE Encapsulant enable the generation of more electricity, owing to longer service life and gradual linear degradation during its lifetime.