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RenewSys is a proud contributor to the generation of green energy and aims to undertake green initiatives at every step of the manufacturing process. We believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the society in which we operate and thus actively contribute to sustainable local social development through our CSR initiatives, which are spearheaded at the Group Level.

Green Initiatives

  • 640 KW solar energy generated at our factories for captive consumption of which:

    • 350 KW - Ground-mounted solar system

    • 290 KW - Rooftop-mounted solar system

  • Hot air re-circulation technology

  • Wastewater recycling and effluent treatment

  • Energy efficient ambient control system

  • Green factories - Large lush green garden with tree plantations

  • Water harvesting

  • Compost pit converting green waste to manure

RenewSys Celebrates  Environment Day at

Social Development

Composition of CSR Committee

  • Avinash Hiranandani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director — Chairman

  • Arun Lakhani, Non-Executive Promoter Director — Member

  • Rekha Bagry, Non-Executive Independent Director — Member

CSR projects for FY 2023-24

Name of the Institution

1. Contribution to initiatives under Mission for Vision (MFV) — Eye-screening, Eradication of sight loss and Cataract Surgery

2. Contribution to initiatives under Global Hospital & Research Center (GHRC) — Village outreach and Nutritional programmes for Juveniles


3. Contribution to Citizen’s Association for Child Rights (CACR) — Providing Bags and Study materials for children below the poverty line

4. Contribution to initiatives under Brahma Kumaris — Promoting Education, Health and Sustainable Development for the underprivileged

5. For allocation to three (3) units


FY 2023-24 (in lakhs)







CSR policy 

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