The Enpee Group was founded in 1961 by Mr. N.P. Kirpalani – a first generation entrepreneur.


The Group started out as a small trading business in Nigeria dealing in products and commodities and subsequently ventured into the manufacture of woven, printed and dyed textiles as well as embroidered laces and fabrics.​


Over the last five decades and more, it has grown into a $300 million transnational

conglomerate with an array of market-leading businesses across five major industry segments:

◾ Packaging solutions

◾ Construction products & services

◾ FMCG (consumer packaged products)

◾ Energy

◾ Chemicals

With a strong manufacturing infrastructure based in Africa and Asia and client footprints across global markets, the ENPEE Group businesses today, directly employ more than 4,000 people and provide a source of indirect employment and livelihood to several thousand more.

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