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Whether you are looking for DCR compliant modules or solar modules made with Indigenous solar PV Cells - made in India, look no further - RenewSys offers the highest quality PV cells and PV modules Made in India.  


These Multi Crystalline high-efficiency BIS certified Modules are designed to suit applications from small lighting systems to utility-scale power plants.


IEC Certifications:

61215, 61730, TS 62804, 61853

IEC 61701 (Salt mist corrosion resistant - Severity 6)

IEC 62716 (Ammonia corrosion resistant)

IEC 60068-2-68 (Sand Abrasion)

UL Certified 1703

Listed in DEWA

Multi Crystalline photos.png

Multi-Crystalline Modules

Key Features

  • Made in India

  • Positive power tolerance

  •  Highly reliable Anti-reflective coated glass

  • 1000 V  Vdc

  • PID resistant

RenewSys Multi-Crystalline modules are also available with 'Made in India' Cells.

To know more write to or call + 91 22 68100500.

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