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2019 - Backsheet Innovation - Specialised Backsheet - Patent

RenewSys has been awarded a patent for a highly specialised Backsheet, engineered at the RenewSys Bengaluru polymer specialisation facility.

This Solar Backsheet is part of the RenewSys PRESERV® range with a unique structure that will increase the performance and life of solar PV modules and the module production output, by significantly reducing the formation of micro cracks.

Formulated to increase Solar PV module manufacturing productivity by improving the speed of the “Lay-Up” process it will shave off about 30% of the sheet cutting time and 10% layup time.

This Backsheet will be commercially available in white and black colours from next year.

A critical component of Solar PV Modules, the Backsheet is the last or outermost layer of a solar module, also known as a solar panel. Backsheets comprise of multiple layers of polymer and adhesive that work as a unit to protect, strengthen and insulate a solar module.

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