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RenewSys wins Quality Circle Awards

We are proud to announce that teams from RenewSys have won the DOI & QA Excellence Award and the Module Line Par Excellence Award at the 35th National Convention on Quality Concepts 2021 hosted by QCFI - Coimbatore chapter.

The team that won the DOI & QA Excellence Award - Pragathi Surya - worked on the Reduction of Transit damages of Solar PV Modules. This is key to both customer satisfaction and module performance.

Solar PV Modules have a complex structure, built to protect the fragile solar PV cells that are the heart of the module, responsible for converting sunlight to electrical energy.

Damage to the cells- like micro-cracks, even if not visible, may impact module life and performance.

The contribution of the Pragathi Surya team helps reduce the cases where module replacement is needed, keeps modules safe to perform optimally for their 25 year+ life, improves customer satisfaction, and benefits the environment as well.

The team that won the Module Line - Par Excellence award - team Sun Risers developed a solder-wire free process in the PV module manufacturing line. Their workaround helps eliminate the need for a manual soldering process.

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