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RTV Curing Chamber in Solar Panel Manufacturing

Updated: Jan 15

What is RTV Curing?

For all solar panels, also known as PV modules, with a frame, this simple, unassuming step has lasting effects on the panels' strength and resilience.

RTV curing, an abbreviation for Room Temperature Vulcanizing, is a crucial stage in solar panel manufacturing. It entails the application and curing of a special silicone sealant, forming a watertight and weatherproof seal around the module's edges.

This seal plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the solar panels' sensitive internal components from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors that could compromise performance and reduce the modules' lifespan.

It's important to note that RTV curing is the final step in module manufacturing. Following this, the module undergoes testing, labelling, and binning.

What is an RTV Curing Chamber?

An RTV curing chamber is a specialised equipment designed to cure or dry the silicone adhesive in the panel under controlled, predetermined conditions.

The chamber provides a controlled environment where temperature, humidity, and other conditions can be carefully monitored and adjusted to ensure the quality, reliability, and longevity of solar panels.

The RTV curing process involves exposing the panel to room-temperature conditions (typically around 20-25 °C) for a specified period. This helps to ensure that the silicone adhesive is fully cured (set completely) and that the frame is securely attached.

RTV application machine at a RenewSys solar panel manufacturing facility
RTV application machine at a RenewSys faciltiy

RTV curing chambers are commonly employed in large-scale PV solar panel manufacturing facilities, where panels are produced in high volumes. The utilization of an RTV curing chamber enhances the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process, ensuring that the final product meets the required performance and reliability standards.

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