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Safety is a state of mind!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

RenewSys celebrated National Safety Week at our Hyderabad and Bengaluru Facilities from March 4 - 10, 2021. With new varieties of safety equipment being regularly manufactured this annual celebration allows workers and employers alike to remain abreast with new developments.

RenewSys Hyderabad - All the employees took a 'safety first' oath followed by a felicitation of the 'Safety Champions' - i.e. team members who had demonstrated the presence of mind in critical situations ensuring not just their own safety, but also that of their colleagues. During the week Suggestion Boxes, Convex Mirrors, and Safety Mannequin were three new initiatives that were introduced. The celebrations culminated with Safety Awareness Skits, and a Drawing Competition.

RenewSys Bengaluru - Here also celebrations began with employees taking an oath followed by discussions on safety. Activities conducted during the week included training on Radiation handling, Material Handling, Chemical Spillage, etc. A Safety Drawing and Slogan Writing Contest was the highlight of the week-long festivities.

Efforts to create a safe workplace can never be static.

New technology, workforce changes, and simply the passage of time can leave workplaces vulnerable to new hazards, making this week a significant part of RenewSys' calendar, even as the week drew to a close, 'Safety First' remains a cornerstone of our work culture.

Glimpses from the Safety Week Celebrations

Drawing Competition Winners at Hyderabad Facility

Drawing Competition Winners at Bengaluru Facility

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