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RenewSys has been at the forefront of technological innovation for PV modules and its key components. Backed by state of the art equipment our R&D teams include renown experts with wide ranging experience and expertise in the solar industry.

Extended Reliability Testing

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India's first and only integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules and its key components.

First to launch India's only Glass-Backsheet Bi-facial Solar PV Module - DESERV Extreme

India’s first Transparent Backsheet

First and only in India to receive UL approval and commercialise the production of POE Encapsulant - CONSERV E 360

Launched India's first free Module wellness programme - Dr. PV

First to launch 5 BB and 6 BB solar PV Cells, Made in India

First in India to launch Dr. PV - a free Module wellness programme

First Indian company to receive a PV Backsheet Patent

First to manufacture High Efficiency Modules - 

DESERV Galactic and DESERV Extreme

Designed and launched Flexible and Lightweight Module series for specific applications of customers 

Designed and launched one of its kind series of High Output and High Voltage modules – Galactic Ultra series


With our commitment to providing quality solar PV material, RenewSys has further setup: 

  • Hyderabad - India’s first Intertek empanelled Satellite® Customer Testing Facility (CTF). Read More

  • Bengaluru  - A one of its kind in India, NABL accredited PV Laboratory dedicated to testing Encapsulants, Backsheets and their raw materials. Read More

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