Product Excellence Center

RenewSys seamlessly delivers quality products - a feat made possible by expertise gained through years of polymer manufacturing experience, coupled with comprehensive R&D, Reliability Testing, Quality Analysis and Quality Assurance setups.

These add value to the products we manufacture - Encapsulants, Backsheets, Solar PV cells, and Solar

PV Modules/ Panels enabling them to perform optimally on-field.

A firm believer in modern-day technology, the RenewSys laboratories at both our Bengaluru and Hyderabad facilities are equipped to test Solar Photovoltaic Modules and their isolated components.













Consistently ranked as the preferred manufacturer for quality, reliable Solar PV material, we understand that reliability is as important a factor as the quality of modules, for performance and steady power output on the field.


Hence, RenewSys has set up India's only 'Reliability Testing Lab' at our Hyderabad facility, which includes 7 Environmental Testing chambers that perform tests like 'Damp Heat', 'Thermal Cycling', etc.   


This coupled with stringent manufacturing ‘systems and processes’ help us ensure that we deliver quality, value-for-money, reliable products consistently. Then ensure long life and hassle free performance giving all our partners peace of mind!

Our Laboratory Equipment includes:

Taking our commitment to quality providing solar PV material further,

RenewSys is pleased to share that


  • At Hyderabad, our facility is an Intertek  empanelled Customer Testing Facility (CTF)


  • At Bengaluru our facility is an NABL accredited laboratory.