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2019 - What is a Backsheet? Know your Solar PV Backsheets

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The Backsheet protects the Encapsulant and cells from external elements.

It performs several functions as a barrier for dust and moisture, keeps the cells safe in adverse climatic conditions, and provides support to the module. It also acts as a reflector, reflecting back sunlight that has passed through or missed hitting the solar PV Cells thus improving sunlight capture and ultimately output.

The functions that a Solar Backsheet performs can be grouped into 3 categories

- Armour – protects from UV rays, dust, moisture and chemicals

- Backbone – lends support to maintain module integrity, provides electrical insulation

- Coupler – binds with Encapsulant and reflects light back to the solar cells

While a key function of the Backsheet is to be an electric insulator in all modules and in special cases like in Glass to Backsheet ‘Bi-Facial’ modules, where the cells generate power from both their front and back face, a Transparent Backsheet is used that has is engineered to provide the additional benefit of being transparent and allowing light to be reflected back onto the cells.

The RenewSys range of Backsheets PRESERV® is an extensive range of specialized multi-layer polymers and includes innovations like the Transparent Backsheet, Metallic Backsheets, 1500 VDC Backsheet, and more.

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