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5 reasons to Go Solar!

Off-grid & On-grid Solar PV System

Lower electricity bills - with your own power plant

Solar helps in bringing down monthly electricity bills. It helps manage monthly billing and protects from rising electricity costs.

Low maintenance - no moving parts

Since there are no moving parts, solar panels have a very low maintenance cost. Maintenance is primarily in the form of solar panel cleaning and regular checks of the structure and the inverter.

Low reliability on the grid - option to store, sell back power

Solar power systems can be either an On-grid system, Off-grid system, or a Hybrid system.

Off-grid systems and Hybrid Systems consists of batteries and ensure power availability in a remote location when the grid is down.

Increases property value

Solar panel installations on home rooftops help in increasing the property rate in comparison to homes that do not have solar panels installed.

Great for the environment

Solar helps bring down the demand for fossil fuels, and greenhouse gas emissions and thus helps actively decrease our carbon footprint.

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