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Backsheet Innovation - Luminous Reflector Backsheet

RenewSys is proud to announce the launch of breakthrough innovation in solar backsheet development.

The RenewSys PRESERV ® Luminous Reflector Backsheet has been engineered to ensure extremely high reflection of light back to the cells. This gives it a bright appearance and hence the name.

This solar Backsheet is non-Fluoro in composition and displays UV stability and weather resistance.

Specially formulated to increase the reflection of light on the cell-side of the Backsheet to the maximum extent possible, this Backsheet is expected to deliver an increase of 0.5% to 2% in module power output based on the module design and configuration.

Field trials are underway and this design is also pending patent approval. This Backsheet has been commercially available since September 2019.

A critical component of Solar PV Modules, the Backsheet is the last or outermost layer of a solar module, also known as a solar panel. Backsheets comprise multiple layers of polymer and adhesive that work as a unit to protect, strengthen and insulate a solar module.

Backsheet Manufacturing Line

Backsheet Manufacturing Line

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