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Backsheet Innovation - WN1

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

A critical component of Solar PV Modules, the Backsheet is the last or outermost layer of a solar module, also known as a solar panel. Backsheets comprise multiple layers of polymer and adhesive that work as a unit to protect, strengthen and insulate a solar module.

RenewSys has launched an innovation in Backsheet development as part of its PRESERV - Solar PV Backsheet range.

Named PRESERV 125 WN1 this is a non-fluoro-based solar backsheet. It is also referred to as a ‘Co-extruded Backsheet’ i.e. Peel Proof Backsheet because of an inseparable layer that eliminates the fear of delamination (separation of Backsheet Layers).

Comprising a ‘thermally integrated’ inseparable layer this Backsheet qualifies for the new IEC standards, which require a minimum of 300-micron thickness and has improved scratch and delamination resistance, superior resistance to moisture ingress delivering higher performance at a price point equal to that of standard Backsheets.


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