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Choice of Materials in Backsheet

RenewSys Bengaluru Facility

Considering the extreme weather conditions across the globe, the requirement for PV Module to withstand harsh climatic conditions pushes all boundaries of durability. Out of various materials known to Material Technologists, the most interesting are the halogenated materials that have the unique nature of enhancing Flame Retardancy (FR) in whichever it is formulated with. The most common synthetic organic material is Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), which finds application in every domestic need and replaced a lot of cementitious materials. Prone to chemical degradation, this material has challenges in sensitive performance applications.

A far improved flame retardant material as compared to Chlorinated Polymers are the Fluorinated polymers, those of which possess good weather resistance in addition to Flame-Retardancy. PV encapsulants are vulnerable to fire and therefore are important to have backsheets that cut the probability of fire. PVDF (Poly Vinylidene Fluoride), PVF (Poly Viny Fluoride) are the two broad choices of materials in vogue within the PV Industry apart from the rarely used THV (Tetrafluoroethylene - Hexafluoropropyylene - Vinylidene Difluoride) terpolymer that is a part of 3M offering in PV Backsheet.

RenewSys is continuously striving to deliver solutions for every customer's need. For applications requiring extreme weather resistance, PRESERV range of Backsheet from RenewSys with Fluorinated Polymer base is available with 1000 VDC and 1500 VDC. While PVF range comprises the PRESERV 225 WV, 300 WV are available, the PVDF-based laminates are available both for 1000 VDC as well as 1500 VDC as in PRESERV 190 WD, 300 WD, 300 TF.

In a short span of time, RenewSys has built legacy products in partnered PV industry with a reliable grade of Encapsulants to perform for a lifetime. While CONSERV P UVT/360 14FC-based encapsulant is a solution for robustness, CONSERV P UVT/360 10UC is offered from a productivity point of view in addition to durability. While the P Prefix denotes products that are designed for PID resistance, the UVT range of products is for the TOP encapsulant which is extra transparent to harvest maximum sunlight for higher module efficiency. CONSERV E UVT and E 360 are the POE-based encapsulants designed for best durability, near to nil gassing, and suitable for Glass-to-Glass modules.

Backsheet designed with non Fluropolymeric nature is based on pure POLYESTER backing include PRESERV 125 WN, 125 WN1, 160 WN, 190 WN, 275 WN, 275 WN1. While the W signifies the White series, the Black series of PRESERV Backsheets comprise 150 K2N, 190 K2N.

RenewSys Bengaluru Facility

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