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Choose Your PV Backsheet Wisely!

Backsheet Manufacturing Line - Inspection in progress
Backsheet Manufacturing - In Line Inspection

Did you know that the wrong Backsheet can reduce the life and output of your PV modules?

PV modules need protection from moisture. This is because moisture or water vapor greatly speeds up the degradation of the PV module. Damage may be seen in the form of corrosion, discoloration of the encapsulant, delamination, etc.

RenewSys PRESERV Backsheet
RenewSys Backsheet

In Glass-Backsheet PV modules, one of the key functions of the Backsheet is to prevent water vapor (moisture) from entering the PV module. Hence, the lower the MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) of the Backsheet the higher the performance and durability of the PV module.

Recently, RenewSys' PV polymer specialty division conducted an in-depth study of Coated Backsheets being supplied to the Indian Market and found that their MVTR was ranging from 3 - 3.5 g/sqm/day. This means that these Coated Backsheets allow 3 - 3.5 grams/sqm/day of moisture to enter the PV module!

In comparison, RenewSys PRESERV range of Backsheets exhibits an MVTR of 1.2g/sqm/day to 1.5g/sqm/day.

Thus, RenewSys Backsheets perform 250 times better than its competitors' coated Backsheets, ensuring far superior performance and durability of the module.

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Data & Image Credits: RenewSys

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