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How can a solar panel's lifespan be increased?

The industry standard for the lifespan of solar panels is 25-30 years. However, a solar panel won't die after 25-30 years rather, its power output will decrease significantly, in comparison to its nameplate output.

It's hard to understand the upfront cost of going solar without knowing how long you can expect your solar panels to produce ample energy. Ultimately, your solar panels will offset your electricity use for decades and significantly reduce your energy bills.

1. Buy high-quality solar panels

2. Ensure they are installed correctly

3. Carry out regular maintenance to reduce degradation and to ensure that the system runs at optimal efficiency throughout its lifespan

And when the panels reach the end of their power-generating lifespan and need to be replaced, they are still of value. Rather than sending waste solar panels to landfill, recycling can extract most of the valuable components and raw materials for the production of new panels or use in other industries.

65 KW RenewSys Solar Panels - Cape Town, South Africa

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