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Prevention is better than cure!

Team RenewSys at both our Bengaluru and Hyderabad facilities marked the importance of National Chemical Disaster Prevention Day on December 4, 2021.

This day is observed to emphasize the importance of chemical safety. Even today, with so many new technological developments and warnings systems, factories across the globe continue to witness industrial accidents. An informed, the vigilant team ensures each other's safety and a healthier work environment. Keeping this in mind Chemical Safety Management Sessions, Material Safety Data Sheet, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Chemical Handling Trainings, Fire Suit Demo, Chemical first aid by using water, and Diphotherine Solution were some of the activities and workshops that were organized on Dec 04.

View our Gallery below.

Short Video on Team RenewSys marking Chemical Disaster Prevention Day 2021

Team RenewSys at the Bengaluru Facility

Team RenewSys at the Hyderabad Facility

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