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PV Backsheet Abrasion Test

A backsheet is one of the key components of a solar PV module, commonly known as a solar panel. It safeguards the solar cells—the heart of the PV module—from various environmental conditions, including sand abrasion, and is essential to the long-term performance of the module.

What is backsheet abrasion test?

It’s a test designed to evaluate the backsheet's ability to withstand abrasion caused by environmental factors like sand.

How is the backsheet abrasion test conducted?

The two common methods used to conduct the backsheet abrasion test include rubbing sandpaper on the airside of the backsheet and wiping the airside of the backsheet with a cloth dipped in solvent.

Here is a demonstration video:

In the video, the abrasion test is conducted on two types of backsheets: laminated and coated. In the first method, where the backsheet is wiped with a cloth soaked in solvent, the laminated backsheet exhibits no visible physical change. Conversely, the coated backsheet leaves behind a noticeable residue on the cloth.

In the second method, which employs sandpaper, the laminated backsheet performs well with no discernible signs of abrasion, while the coated backsheet leaves behind a significant amount of coating particles on the sandpaper.

A backsheet that underperforms or fails the abrasion test poses a risk to the module's performance and lifespan. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the chosen backsheet material successfully withstands abrasion and maintains its protective integrity over time.

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