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PV Modules Handling - Large Format Modules

In the world of Solar, PV Module Handling is one of the crucial subjects.

RenewSys has introduced the SGalactic and Extreme series of Solar PV Modules made with 120, 140, and 156 half-cut Mono-Crystalline PERC Solar cells and Mono-Crystalline Bi-facial PERC Solar cells respectively.

The output range of these Modern PV Modules is 430 Wp to 455 Wp for 120 Cells, 525 Wp to 550 Wp for 144 Cells, and 565 Wp to 590 Wp for 156 Cells.

These versatile modules made with the highest quality raw materials, coupled with rigorous in-house testing, are suitable for Utility, Rooftop, and other general applications.

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With continuous refinement in technology, 'Handling, Cleaning, and Maintenance' becomes a crucial subject. It affects the performance and life of the PV Modules to a great degree, hence, one needs to know the correct ways to do it!

Unloading of Larger format modules

  • Use a forklift to Unload

  • Remove wrapper

  • Remove Pet strap

  • Remove Top cover

  • Remove Inside wrapper

  • Place the stand

  • Hold Modules while final strap removal

  • Push towards stand

  • Handle one module at a time

  • Modules will rest on to stand while unpacking is done


  • Use anti-cut gloves

  • Use scissors for cutting

  • Always module to be carried by two people

  • Do not use a knife

  • Do not carry module by one person

If not handled properly, it may lead to bad conditions of PV modules like performance drop.

Incorrect and improper handling of these modules can cause breakage, microcracks, and loss of total module output that would grow further in hot, humid, and extreme climatic conditions. Hence, it is suggested that taking good care of your Solar PV Modules while handling, installation, and maintenance is important.

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