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RenewSys at REI 2023!

Team RenewSys had an absolutely spectacular three days at REI 2023 in Greater Noida, India, from October 4–6.

We commenced the event by inaugurating our state-of-the-art, high-efficiency N-type TOPCon solar panels, setting the tone for an extraordinary experience!

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as we reunited with our valued business partners from and friends from around the world while also forging new connections.

RenewSys' booth at the event was a true showcase of innovation, featuring our latest N-type TOPCon modules, including the Bifacial Glass-Glass and Bifacial Glass-Backsheet variants. Our MonoPERC module was also on display, alongside our renowned lineup of award-winning Encapsulants (EVA, POE, and EPE) and Backsheets (Transparent, White, Black, Copper, and Aluminium).

Swipe left for glimpses of the event:



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