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RenewSys Premier League: A Resounding Success of Employee Engagement and Teamwork

RenewSys’ Patalganga division raised its employee engagement initiatives to new heights by organizing a cricket tournament, aptly named RenewSys Premier League, at the HOC Pillai ground on June 25, 2023. The tournament provided a perfect platform for all departments to come together, showcase their talent, and create lasting memories.

Around 70 employees participated in the tournament in 4 teams that were named after RenewSys’ products and facility — DESERV (PV Modules), PRESERV (Backsheet), RESERV (PV Cells) & RENP 11 (RenewSys’ Patalganga division). Each team comprised members from diverse departments, ensuring a valuable opportunity for every individual to interact and collaborate with colleagues from various areas of the organization.

RenewSys Premier League

The tournament witnessed 6 matches, each consisting of 5 overs. Teams PRESERV and RESERV showcased exceptional performances throughout the tournament, earning their places in the finale. Team RESERV emerged as the champion of the tournament.

Individual excellence was also recognized during the tournament, as Mr. Aniket Mande from Team RESERV was declared the Best Batsman, while Mr. Bhushan Bhoir from Team PRESERV earned the title of Best Bowler.

The RenewSys Premier League wasn’t merely an exuberant and exciting cricket tournament; it was enriched with moments that captured the essence of the sport—stunning batting, nail-biting run-outs, breathtaking catches, and intense emotions.

Above all, it served as an excellent team-building activity, fostering a deep understanding of the importance of teamwork and reinforcing the bonds between employees, both as colleagues and as friends.

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