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Why are Large Format Modules growing in popularity?

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The past few years have seen swift innovation-led solar PV module (solar panel) development and breakthroughs.

A switch to larger format modules is being considered by solar developers and installers because of the perceived benefits in terms of costs and space-saving.

Here are some of the key benefits of Large Format Modules that are quickly propelling them to the first choice in several solar projects:

RenewSys DESERV SGalactic and Extreme 520 Wp - 545 Wp
RenewSys DESERV SGalactic and Extreme 520 Wp - 545 Wp

  • The combination of cut cells and the multi-bus bar interconnection designs reduces the voltage of the module, allowing more energy capacity in the same amount of space.

  • With the low open-circuit voltage and temperature co-efficient of large-format modules, increasing the number of modules (solar panels) per string should, in turn, serve to reduce the amount of cabling and combiner boxes required, bringing down BOS costs.

  • The higher power output per module allows a reduction in the required balance of system BOS and electrical BOS components and most importantly, lower installation costs.

  • Large format modules will mean less plant complexity, fewer parts to inspect, maintain and manage, and more efficient plant operations.

  • Since labor makes up the biggest chunk of O&M costs, savings could be significant over the lifetime of the plant.

Large format modules thus are offering a pathway to savings on the development, construction, and operations of utility solar power plants, presenting several opportunities for developers, EPC companies, and O&M providers.

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Jawaharlal Karamchetti
Jawaharlal Karamchetti
31 may 2022

In case of short circuit between positive terminal & negative terminal in the junction box, each modules contributed its Isc and total current flows through the shorted portion, in such case the fuse in series with the shorted string has to open (Getting fused) and clear the fault. After the fault the system again continues in operation without damaging the JB.

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