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Why are Large Format Modules growing in popularity?

Updated: Jun 6

The past few years have seen swift innovation-led solar PV module (solar panel) development and breakthroughs.

A switch to larger format modules is being considered by solar developers and installers because of the perceived benefits in terms of costs and space-saving.

Here are some of the key benefits of Large Format Modules that are quickly propelling them to the first choice in several solar projects:

RenewSys DESERV SGalactic and Extreme 520 Wp - 545 Wp
RenewSys DESERV SGalactic and Extreme 520 Wp - 545 Wp

  • The combination of cut cells and the multi-bus bar interconnection designs reduces the voltage of the module, allowing more energy capacity in the same amount of space.

  • With the low open-circuit voltage and temperature co-efficient of large-format modules, increasing the number of modules (solar panels) per string should, in turn, serve to reduce the amount of cabling and combiner boxes required, bringing down BOS costs.

  • The higher power output per module allows a reduction in the required balance of system BOS and electrical BOS components and most importantly, lower installation costs.

  • Large format modules will mean less plant complexity, fewer parts to inspect, maintain and manage, and more efficient plant operations.

  • Since labor makes up the biggest chunk of O&M costs, savings could be significant over the lifetime of the plant.

Large format modules thus are offering a pathway to savings on the development, construction, and operations of utility solar power plants, presenting several opportunities for developers, EPC companies, and O&M providers.

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