World Class Products - Made In India

RenewSys is the first integrated manufacturer of Solar PV Modules and its key components - Encapsulants, Backsheets and Solar PV Cells.

We envision a bright future, powered by the Sun!

We are making dreams of a solar-powered future possible through tireless testing & innovation.

Driving Sustainable Development with Solar 

The best way to predict the future... 

work towards making it a reality!

Renewsys believes that lasting impact is possible when we ensure that our modules deliver consistently.

This reliability is made possible by the 

rigorous R&D and Reliability testing 

that our products are put through. 


Innovating For Tomorrow 

From delivering high-quality products consistently,

to innovations that meet the requirements

of the dynamic solar industry,

RenewSys is committed to developing our R&D potential, with special attention to technology advancement and our facilities.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Plants

RenewSys has two manufacturing facilities in India, at Hyderabad (Solar Panels & Solar Cells) and Bengaluru (Encapsulants & Backsheets).


RenewSys is the renewable energy arm

of the ENPEE Group.

 The Group has manufacturing units in India and

Nigeria, and sales offices worldwide.

Lighting Up Lives!

Lighting up lives means brighter futures and happier days.

Through collaborations with several partner organizations 

whose work is focussed on reaching out to under-served communities, RenewSys is contributing to brightening

lives across India.

Connect With Us!



Mumbai:       +91-22-68100500

Hyderabad:  +91-40-67303000

Bengaluru:   +91-80-68221400

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