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February 2024, Volume XVII, Page 3

RenewSys Newsletter

Encapsulants & Backsheets

Copper Backsheet


EPE Encapsulant


The copper backsheet incorporates a layer of copper foil as its topmost or innermost layer. The copper layer serves as a conductor, facilitating the flow of electrons generated by the solar PV cells. The copper backsheet is primarily used in solar modules with Metal Wrap Through (MWT) solar cells.

Aluminium Backsheet

The EPE Encapsulant is a multilayer film consisting of a thin layer of POE sandwiched between two layers of EVA. This innovative construction aims to harness the best attributes of both EVA and POE encapsulants, such as strong adhesion and excellent water vapour barrier.

POE Encapsulant for TOPCon 


The aluminium backsheet incorporates a layer of aluminium foil, sandwiched between protective layers positioned above and below it. These layers protect the aluminium foil while shielding the modules from various environmental factors throughout their operational life.


A trailblazer in PV Encapsulant and Backsheet manufacturing, RenewSys introduced India’s first POE Encapsulant specifically formulated for E – NT TOPCon PV cells, CONSERV E – NT, in December.  This latest innovation is a game-changer for N-type TOPCon modules, offering unmatched output and durability.

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