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RenewSys Launches CONSERV E – NT Encapsulant — The Perfect Match for N-type TOPCon PV Cells

CONSERV E – NT is a game-changer for N-type TOPCon modules, offering unmatched output and durability

The solar PV market is constantly evolving, driven by the need to maximize efficiency while extending the lifespan of solar PV modules.

Currently, N-type TOPCon modules are the natural successor to Mono PERC and Multi technologies, offering higher efficiencies and a longer operating life.

However, N-type TOPCon cells are far more susceptible to environmental damage, thus the significant need to safeguard them. This necessity has driven our Innovation team to formulate an Encapsulant that protects N-type TOPCon cells, ensuring unmatched output and durability.

RenewSys, the trailblazer in PV Encapsulant and Backsheet manufacturing, is proud to introduce India’s first POE (Polyolefin Elastomer) Encapsulant specifically formulated for N-type TOPCon PV cells, CONSERV E – NT.

RenewSys' newly designed Encapsulant, CONSERV E – NT, contains a free radical scavenger that effectively shields TOPCon cells from irreversible damage caused by free radicals generated during the day-to-day PV module functioning. Some common causes of these attacks include fluctuating temperatures, high heat, water ingress, and chemicals from other components of the module.


View CONSERV E-NT datasheet here.

CONSERV E-NT extends multiple key advantages to module manufacturers, reducing rejection rates and boosting production efficiency

CONSERV E – NT offers several notable benefits to module manufacturers. It features a wider lamination processing window, allowing for a larger range of acceptable operating conditions during lamination. This directly translates to increased throughput and higher productivity in module manufacturing plants by minimizing module rejections due to lamination issues.

CONSERV E – NT is compatible with laminators with both one-side and two-side heating. Another significant advantage of CONSERV E – NT is evident in Glass-Glass TOPCon PV modules, where its use renders the modules bubble-free. The encapsulant also effectively restricts string shifting, a long-standing challenge in module production. These factors further contribute to a reduction in module rejection rates, ensuring a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process.

CONSERV E – NT POE Encapsulant is versatile and suits both Glass-Glass and Glass-Backsheet N-type TOPCon solar modules.

Mr Avinash Hiranandani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, RenewSys, says, “This innovation reinforces our position as a leading Indian manufacturer with a strong global reach. We are known for introducing commercially effective products in the highly competitive solar polymer market.

“Having a focused and agile team driving innovation has enabled us to offer an encapsulation solution for TOPCon cell-based modules at the opportune time. This also serves as our testimony of future readiness and agility.

“This Encapsulant will help manufacturers reap many rewards as more and more Indian Module manufacturers introduce their TOPCon offerings.

“It also ensures that deterioration of TOPCon modules in the field during day-to-day operations is prevented, providing confidence to end customers—homes and businesses adopting solar power—and ensuring India's energy security is in safe hands.”

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