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RenewSys & MFV Partner to Light Up Lives in Rural India

RenewSys, the renewable arm of the ENPEE Group, is committed to sustainable solutions and social responsibility. As an organization guided by values, RenewSys focuses on driving positive change through its initiatives.

Mission for Vision (MFV) is a leading not-for-profit organisation working since 2000 to eradicate avoidable blindness.

In 2021, MFV and RenewSys embarked on a transformative social initiative aimed at eliminating preventable blindness and addressing visual impairments within underserved communities in Kolkata and Chennai.

Here are the noteworthy achievements of the initiative during the period from Apr '23- Sept '23:

6,143 lives touched

606 free surgeries performed

Project 1: Mission Netra

Project Netra was initiated to eradicate blindness caused by cataracts and provide eye screening for people within underserved communities in Chennai and its surroundings.

Key achievements

2,502 lives touched

250 free surgeries performed

Project 2: Mission Jyot

Mission Jyot focused on delivering primary eye care through two vision centres in Kolkata.

Key achievements

3,641 lives touched

356 free surgeries performed

Real Stories, Real Impact:

Mission for Vision and RenewSys CSR

Rani, who tragically lost her son in a short-circuit accident, had to shut down her eatery due to deteriorating vision and a cataract in her left eye. Upon discovering a health check-up camp organized by MFV, supported by RenewSys, she recognized the need for cataract surgery. The procedure took place at MFV's Sankara Nethralaya hospital in Chennai. Now, with restored vision, she exudes confidence and plans to reopen her eatery.

Rani, Cataract Surgery

Mission for Vision and RenewSys CSR

Vasanthamma's life underwent a profound transformation due to the cataract surgery facilitated by MFV with RenewSys’ support. Not only did the surgery restore her vision, but it also enabled her to return to her previous livelihood.

Vasanthamma, Cataract Surgery

Mission for Vision and RenewSys CSR

Kundri Devi, a 60-year-old woman from Kolkata, faced severe vision problems that hindered her daily life. Financial constraints delayed her treatment until she learned about MFV’s Vision Centre. With support from RenewSys, the center offered a cost-free cataract surgery that restored her vision and transformed her life, enabling her to care for her household once more.

Kundri Devi, Cataract Surgery

Webinar on Climate Action

To mark World Environment Day on 5th June, VISION 2020 INDIA & MFV jointly hosted a webinar on "Candid Conversations around - Climate & Eye Health".

Notable experts shared their insights, including Mitasha Yu, Co-chair of the Climate Action Work Group at the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), and Manoj Edakkatil, Associate Director & Energy Management Consultant at L.V. Prasad Eye Institute.

The webinar was moderated by Shrikant Ayyangar, Lead - Communications, Mission for Vision and Member, Climate Action Work Group, IAPB.

The ongoing partnership between RenewSys and MFV continues to create a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need, providing not just hope and sight but also a brighter future. Together, we endeavour to brighten lives, ensuring that everyone has the right to witness the beauty of the world.

Data credits:

Mission for Vision


Image credits:

Mission for Vision

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Steele Nickle
Steele Nickle
Apr 16

Financial constraints delayed her treatment until she learned about MFV’s Vision Centre. geometry dash subzero

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