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PERC Solar Cells

The Passivated Emitter Rear Contact (PERC) Cell, is a silicon solar PV cell, with an advanced cell architecture. It has become the new standard solar cell for the PV module manufacturing industry in a relatively short time.

PERC PV Cells yield a higher performance when compared to conventional silicon solar PV cells (BSF cells) and are often seen as their successor.

The key upgrade in the cell architecture is the addition of a passivation layer on the rear side of the cells. Thus PERC Cells have dielectric layers on both sides.

The PERC Cells have reduced rear-surface recombination and improved rear-surface reflectivity when compared to standard BSF cells.

PERC Cell Wafers can be either mono-crystalline or multi-crystalline silicon wafers.

However, most PV module manufacturers prefer mono-PERC cells over multi-PERC Cells, due to their higher efficiency and output.

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