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Team RenewSys celebrates 77th Independence Day!

To commemorate 76 years of India’s Independence, Independence Day celebrations took place at our Mumbai Office and all three manufacturing plants located in Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Patalganga.


The team gathered to celebrate the spirit of patriotism. The National anthem was sung, followed by the distribution of flags. Mr. Avinash Hiranandani, GCEO & Managing Director, addressed the team regarding the significance of Independence Day celebrations. He also emphasized our company's growth prospects in the upcoming years and outlined our future expansion plans for our plants in Hyderabad, Patalganga, and Bengaluru. Additionally, a Yoga session was arranged for the employees to enhance their overall well-being.

Hyderabad Plant

The theme for this year's Independence Day was Women’s Empowerment, and thus, Mrs. Pittala Lohita – Sr. Technician, was invited to hoist the flag. The teams from the maintenance and security departments also gathered to join the flag-hoisting ceremony.

Patalganga Plant

The team celebrated Independence Day with great pride and a strong sense of patriotism. Mr. Chandrasekhar Menon, Unit Head, hoisted the flag and addressed the team about the significance of this day. He also emphasized how each individual can contribute and carry out their responsibilities with 100% dedication to contribute to the country's growth. Following this, there was a hi-tea and distribution of snacks.

Bengaluru Plant

Mr. Rajesh Singh, Chief Technology Officer, hoisted the flag and addressed the gathering of employees and their families. Some important vendors were also invited along with their families to join the Independence Day celebrations. Following the ceremony, there was a hi-tea and breakfast.

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